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  • Lori & Bill Maurer (Saturday, December 04 21 01:33 pm EST)

    We downsized and purchased a home that already had Australian cypress flooring (purchased from Cohansey Hardwoods originally), and we wanted to match that flooring for other areas. We couldn’t say enough complimentary things about the owner, Eddie Barber. We definitely compared cost, and he was better than the competition but his service is the best! It was a long journey to receiving the flooring, but Eddie communicated every step of the way and even personally delivered the flooring and helped unload it all. He is hard working, honest, and knows the industry. Thank you, Eddie, for all you did to guide us and to see it through to the finish. We are grateful for everything!

  • Maria Esposito (Thursday, October 28 21 10:25 pm EDT)

    We are so so pleased with our beautiful hardwood floor from Cohansey Hardwood. I cannot stress enough the importance of working with someone who has vast knowledge of different types of woods, finishes, cuts, etc. After a loooooooong time visiting many different showrooms (retailers and wholesalers) and online research and shopping, we are beyond grateful to have found Ed Barber and Cohansey Hardwoods. Ed was instrumental in helping us narrow down our choices and eventually select our gorgeous solid Brazilian Tigerwood. It was important to us to select a floor that would be finished in the US with the standards imposed by industry regulations here. It was important to us to purchase flooring that would not be ends, scraps, mixed leftovers or otherwise substandard. It was imperative to us to work with someone we felt was fair and honest. Ed spent a generous amount of time over a several month period answering questions, explaining comparative differences, working up estimates, etc. Because Ed works directly with the mills, there wasn’t a long processing time between ordering and shipment – even with today’s challenging supply chain issues. The bottom line here is that you would be foolish not to check out what Ed and Cohansey has to offer You will definitely get top quality flooring at a fair price. Cohansey doesn’t even sell “that other stuff.” Do yourself a favor and call Cohansey.

  • F. Nash (Thursday, October 28 21 10:22 pm EDT)

    The floor we got from Ed Barber at Cohansey is a great quality solid hardwood floor. Ed took the time to answer all our questions and explain a lot to us about hardwood floors. He really wanted to be sure that whatever we chose was the right fit for us. There was no pressure whatsoever to purchase from Cohansey. In fact, Ed encouraged us to shop around for the same product at a competitive price. We took his suggestion, and chose to work with Ed and Cohansey. We love our new floor!

  • Luis and Janet Garcia (Friday, January 09 15 12:20 pm EST)

    We have used Cohansey Hardwoods and your services at two different properties and we have always been ecstatic with the wood quality and work. The Amendoim wood we recently had installed in our
    bedroom is beautiful and adds an elegant touch over the carpet. Whenever we have friends over, they always compliment us on how nice the wood flooring in our house looks. We never hesitate to
    recommend Cohansey Hardwoods because the wood quality and job quality speak for themselves.

  • Tracy (Friday, January 09 15 12:19 pm EST)

    Happy to serve as a reference. I am super picky and this was an all around great experience. Never had any pressure and we were presented with a variety of options (liked them all so it was difficult
    to choose). And the price wasn't even a factor because they were all priced very competitively. For the quality you can't beat it. The floors look AMAZING - love the wood! Mark did an awesome job
    installing too - very detailed. Fireplace slate was framed out nicely. I'm really happy with the entire package. This is the place to go to get your hardwood flooring. Even it you live far from the
    warehouse, it's worth the trip. Thanks Ed!

  • Andrew Pizzo (Friday, January 09 15 12:18 pm EST)

    Ed, The floor came out perfect and beautiful! Thanks again for all your help.

  • Fay Romanik (Friday, January 09 15 12:17 pm EST)

    I love my hardwood floors that I got from Cohansey Hardwoods. I was very indecisive but Ed was patient with me. He will educate you on hardwood floors and make you understand why Lumber Liquidators
    is not always such a great deal. Their best grade of flooring is "select" but that is not the best grade in the flooring industry. Ed will explain the grading system to you. "Clear “grade has the
    most uniformity and longest length boards; up to 7 feet. My floor looks great, and I am very happy with it.

  • Karen Ricciuti (Friday, January 09 15 12:16 pm EST)

    Absolutely delighted with my beautiful new (real) wood floor; great customer service, too!

  • Roger Getsinger (Friday, January 09 15 12:15 pm EST)

    How would you like to have a pleasant buying experience which is almost unheard of nowadays. I recently purchased hardwood flooring from Ed Barber at Cohansey Hardwoods and found Ed to be one of the
    most knowledgeable you will find. He knows his product and is willing to help you anyway he can. You can't beat the product or the price, I highly recommend him. I tried the rest and found Cohansey
    Hardwood to be the best. Very pleased with the product and the service.

  • David and Terry Miller (Friday, January 09 15 12:14 pm EST)

    My wife and I had originally purchased our hardwood flooring from lumber liquidators. We selected their 'bellawood' which is supposed to be high quality our professional installer was
    beginning the job we noticed several problems with the material. The finish was poor, the color of the wood was not consistent and the grain pattern was extremely varied. After a lot of wasted time
    and numerous phone calls we were able to return the wood and get a refund. Our installer told us about Cohansey hardwoods in Bridgeton. We met with the owner, Ed Barber, and he showed us some
    beautiful hardwoods. We selected 5" Brazilian cherry. Ed had us drive to a house nearby with Brazilian cherry to make sure we really liked it. We were sold! The install went very well and we had very
    little waste. The cost of this higher quality material was even a little lower than the lumber liquidators product! We highly recommend hardwood flooring from Cohansey hardwoods.

  • KD Weiland (Friday, January 09 15 12:12 pm EST)

    I have had the pleasure of doing business with Ed Barber for a number of years and I can honestly say that Ed has nothing but the utmost professionalism and integrity when it comes to business
    dealings. Ed is very knowledgeable in his own products and his competitors products as well. Until his customer is totally satisfied, he is not done with the business transaction. I would recommend
    Ed Barber/Cohansey Hardwoods to anyone that was looking for a product line that he handles and I can honestly state that it will be the best business experience that you have every had. I look
    forward to many more years of conducting business w/Ed and wish Cohansey Hardwoods every possible success!

  • James and Lisa Seitzinger (Friday, January 09 15 12:11 pm EST)

    I bought Brazilian Cherry from Ed Barber and could not be any happier. I was in the dark when it came to hardwood flooring and after meeting Ed Barber over at the warehouse I was enlightened by his
    vast knowledge of many different products. I recently used Hardwood Floors Plus to install this floor in many rooms in my house and Mark Rambone was terrific in his installation. He was very
    professional and quick. I am spreading the word so that others don’t make the mistake of going to the Box stores and Lumber Liquidators Etc. I’m very excited about this new floor. Thanks Ed and I
    will return your tool that you lent me in a few days.

  • Kenny and Michelle (Friday, January 09 15 12:09 pm EST)

    Ed sells a superior product at a very reasonable price. He is very knowledgeable on the products he sells and knows exactly how a floor should be installed. Use his advice and his flooring and you
    will be much happier. You will end up with a higher quality floor that will be the envy of people who made their purchase at the 'Big Box Store'

  • Kevin and Jenny Nakai (Friday, January 09 15 12:08 pm EST)

    Recently, my wife and I purchased over 4,500 sq feet of Clear Grade Brazilian Cherry Flooring from Ed Barber, at Cohansey Hardwoods. Since our first meeting with Mr. Barber at his office, we have
    received nothing but the highest professionalism, coupled with unmatched service. Prior to purchasing any flooring for our new home, we shopped around for months at several local flooring stores.
    Needless to say, no other store was able to match Ed's superior knowledge, while providing quality, affordable hardwood flooring.

    In today's business world one does not come across many companies like Cohansey Hardwoods who are not just concerned with the sale of their product, but rather are more concerned with the
    satisfaction of their customer!

  • Larry Anderson (Friday, January 09 15 12:06 pm EST)

    We purchased Brazilian teak (400 sq. feet) from Ed Barber of Cohansey Hardwoods. My husband, who has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of carpentry work installed it.
    After rescrewing the entire floor and putting down the correct paper, the installation process went very smoothly. We are in the process of purchasing more of the floor from Ed so that our house may
    be free of carpet.

    note: Keep in mind the importance of having a good subfloor (preferably plywood) and make sure to rescrew or renail existing floor making sure to hit floor joists. Also, make sure to run hardwood
    flooring the opposite way the floor joists run. Dealing with Mr. Barber was a very friendly and expertly handled job. He is a expert in the field of hardwoods. We are extremely satisfied with our
    floor and would recommend this company to anyone.

  • Nick Francisco (Friday, January 09 15 12:04 pm EST)

    Great price on an easy to install solid hardwood floor that looks as exotic as it sounds. These are solid hardwoods all the way through, Super knowledgeable and friendly owner in Mr. Barber! I highly
    recommend the use of this company and its products. There’s no sales pressure and the guy is always available at your convenience. A great experience!

  • Ross Bell (Friday, January 09 15 12:03 pm EST)

    I have to admit I was a little surprised when Cohansey Hardwoods was recommended to me as a source of exotic hardwood flooring. In Bridgeton?? Luckily I decided to check it out - great selection,
    very knowledgeable and helpful owner, and great deals, because you're not paying for a flashy storefront. Anyway, I chose the Timborana flooring, and am very happy with it - it's beautiful. Ed even
    allowed me to take a whole box home to see if it was the right floor for me. The only regret is that I didn't replace more of my carpets with it. The install by Mark Rambo was also top notch. Very
    satisfied customer!

  • Denise Davis (Friday, January 09 15 12:00 pm EST)

    I bought my hardwood flooring from this company and I am very happy with it. I got the teak and I have so many compliments on it. I highly recommend you buy your flooring from Cohansey Hardwoods..
    They stand behind their product. Great service and very nice to do business with!

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